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1.(verb) A person showing actions beyond that of a person who has a 5150 status. This is usually a violent beserk frenzy state that is unstoppable until that individual is somehow subdued.
2. (noun) A person of 5150 status that is beyond any recourse to ever be living with any sanity.
When the officer put the 5150 in the back of his patrol unit, the subject suddenly went 5151 until he knocked himself out on the bars of the metal cage.

Jailor: "Take the 5151's straight to the infirmary. I hate having those noisy bastards in my jail. The 5150's mumble enough, thank you!"
by Laguna Pete September 10, 2006
New York Tri-Borough (Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx) area conjunctive term for an individual portraying themselves with a particular demeanor of being both a schmuck and a self proclaimed expert.
"Yo' Joey, you're a real schmexpert aren't 'ya. We don't like your attitude, and you think you know everything."
by Laguna Pete August 27, 2006
The food, beverage, and other debris found in the parking lots of fast food drive thru's and 24 hour foot markets on late night weekends.
After Jose saved all the money he found while cleaning the drunkfood at his Taco Bell job, he went out and bought a brand new truck.
by Laguna Pete September 10, 2006
pron.<honds-futs-zir> German 1.(noun) German actual and slang word often used which directly translates singular and plural to: dog fart(s).
2. (noun) An extremely foul sulphorus sewage stench nearly unbearable to endure, typically emmiting from a person.
3. An unbelieveable story used for an excuse.
1. "Put the dog outside. I will not tolerate his hundsfutzer while I am eating."
2. When the bum came in the coffee shop out of the rain, his hundsfutzer caused all customers and employees to charge for the rear exit.
3. The excuse for his lateness was a bunch of hundsfutzer
by Laguna Pete August 27, 2006
The state of being of an average dog when you have a Slim Jim snack you are about to give them. A state of undivided attention.
Apollo was so Slim Jim obedient that he could perform any demand you asked him to do.
by Laguna Pete September 10, 2006
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