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A copsucker is a member of the media who professes to present the truth about a crime or social event, but instead presents the spin put on it by the police.

A copsucker will orally gratify any cop, dirty or not, in order to hang with them.
An example of this is the media in Belleville Ontario Canada who professed the excellence of the police investigation into serial killer Russell Williams, and yet they cannot explain:

A) DNA from five crime scenes mot being matched up.
B) Moron cops going into the home next door to the serial killer.
C) A woman cop spotting the killers vehicle in the field next to the last murder victims home in the dark of night, and not recording the license plate number.
D) Private communications between the first murder victim and the killer on her Black Berry not linking the killer to his crimes earlier.

Chris Malette the 30 year editor of the Belleville Intelligencer stands as the original 'copsucker'. He is willing to get on his knees and orally gratify any cop who tells him what to print..... Or NOT to print.
by Lagenomai February 22, 2011

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