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A titan of a bro who is capable of not only putting the team on his back, but the whole world.
Before the Gods of Mt. Brolympus, such as Brosideon, there were the Titans, the most powerful being Bronos, Brometheus, and Fratlas. All were condemned to terrible fates.
by Lagbro November 03, 2011
A titan of a bro who, after bringing fire down from Mt. Brolympus so that bros could light their blunts, was punished by being chained to the rocks and having his liver destroyed not by an eagle, but by absurd amounts of Patron.

Also the brother of Fratlas, and a fellow titan with Bronos.
Freed by Hercules, so that he could continue Bro-ing out.
Truly a God among Bros.
Bro 1: Anyone got a lighter?
Bro 2: Ya bro, toke it up.
Bro 1: You are truly Brometheus, bro!
by Lagbro November 03, 2011
A modern day version of the phrase Rags to Riches, among college students, referring to the change from Natural Light (Natties) to the classy Bud Light Platinum (Platties). Indicates that one has earned money and made their own way in the world, and is showing improvement in their financial status in life.
After scoring a summer internship at GE, Eric had a ton of money and was able to pay off all his debt for the year. It was truly a Natties to Platties story.
by Lagbro March 25, 2012

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