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1. a polite euphemism for 'bullshit'
2. a general term used in frustration/anger.

Both definitions derive from the early-to-mid 1990's modern art piece by an Italian "artist" who sold cans of his own excrement for $10,000US a unit as it were.
1. The explanation was "crap-in-a-can"
2. "The boss is going to try to make you work overtime tonight." "Crap-in-a-can, I have a date though."
by Laetitia Lomsky April 24, 2003
Two people who are friends and there are some romantic feelings between them, but you don't see them getting together at any time in the near future... so romance between the two of them is not assured. First used by the Tvgal at zap2it.com to describe certain television friendships.
Joan and Mitch are such an uncouple.
by Laetitia Lomsky April 24, 2003
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