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3 definitions by Ladygagabb1

A person from NYC that is completely convinced their city is the best of all. They often compare themselves to other major cities, such as Philadelphia, and Detroit. They are known for moving to other places, and starting whole hate websites, such as whyihatephilly.com. When people ask them the simple fact of them leaving, they often tell the person they make too much money (due to the city's low taxes), and still stay. They make any local proud of their city upset, and feel as if they need to move to NYC.
New York Snob: Philadelphia is so dirty, I hate all the people there! They're so rude, and unattractive. The whole city reeks of shit and mustard!
Local: Then why don't you go back to your precious New York?
New York Snob: Because it cost way to much money to live there.
by Ladygagabb1 August 30, 2012
A derogatory term used to describe a gay person. It's commonly used by teenagers to describe a "gay" moment. It's very offensive to gays, and people have tried to "ban" the word. It's also used to describe a very famine or weak person. Christians are the main ones pushing it, and encourage their teenagers to use it. People that use this word often aren't the brightest people, because they can't think of anything alternative besides Gay, and Fag.
**John falls on the floor, with his ass up.
Chris: Hahahaha, you're such a faggot
John: OMG! You always say that! Got any other words?
Chris: I don't care, that was gay. Need help fag?
John: Can you shut your bigget mouth and help me up.
Chris: When's the last time you went to church?
John: Not this shit again......
by Ladygagabb1 September 04, 2012
An indie snob is not like a hipster. They'll listen to an indie pop band, but any other form of pop is a no no. They particularly hate on Dance music. This is offensive to the average person because dance music is a big part of pop culture today. They like getting under people's skin, especially Lady Gaga fans, and tell them that their artist make manufactured pop music. An indie snob hates all pop music, and loves all indie music. They'll usually have 100+ indie bands on their iPods, and download each and every song the bands have made. If your friend ever becomes an indie snob, avoid talking to him about music.
John: How can you listen to that pop music. It's so manufactured and processed.
Chris: Then what should I listen to? Indie Snob....
John: ........You just listen to way too much pop music.
Chris: Yeah, and you listen to way too much shitty music.
John: Well at least it's not fake!
Chris: Yeah, okay. Keep being a dipshit.
by Ladygagabb1 September 04, 2012