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2 definitions by LadyKikyo8

When a person plays Call of Duty too long and develops a nervous "twitch" and cannot aim in correctly while using a sniper.

They often think they are 'more skilled' than all the other players, and are quite full of themselves.
WOW I just got a QuickScope on that guy! IM SO BEAST!
by LadyKikyo8 February 28, 2011
A rare case in which a girlfriend enjoys playing Call of Duty with her boyfriend.

Guy 1: "Man I got Cod Blocked last night, my girlfriend wanted me to spend time with her..."

Guy 2: "Sorry to hear that dude, I was up all night freaking it with my girlfriend online!"

Guy 1: "Man your lucky....i wish my girlfriend were that cool." *Sadface*
I was up last night playing with my Call of Duty Girlfriend! :D
by Ladykikyo8 March 04, 2011