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2 definitions by LadyKaKa

When you rip apart someone's balls and lick the area between them. extremely stimulating when done correctly but can be fatal if done incorrectly.
Hey man, why are you hobbling like that?
oh, Lizzie gave me a glob glob job last night and my scrotum is in two.
Oh maan, what did it feel like?
by LadyKaKa December 18, 2009
A code word for shoplifting. Used when you are around people who may rat you out if you talk about going shoplifting.
Ohh dear. There goes Kath and Lizzie off cheesing again.

Kath: Woohoo let's go cheesing!
Lizzie: What a fucking great idea!
by LadyKaKa December 14, 2009