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Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

A real medical diagnosis found in the DSM along with the criteria for diagnosis, and treatment.

There are many different symptoms, shown in many different ways, but everyone whom actually has the disorder suffer from a chemical imbalance within the brain.

Opinions as to ADD/ADHD's existence is silly at best. People smarter than us, whose jobs it is to decide these things, have. So, everyone whom states the "fakeness" of the disorder is quite confidently shouting their ignorance.

ADD/ADHD has been around a lot longer than most think-the 1980's was NOT the discovery. Years and years ago, it actually underwent a name change; and I'll warrant that few people who scream "ADD is fake" would have trouble screaming "Brain Damage is fake!" Yep. ADD/ADHD used to be the diagnosed medical condition, Minimal Brain Dysfunction/Damage. Pretty sure that exists too.

Now, the extremely excessive diagnosing of ADD/ADHD is irresponsible and reprehensible and certainly doesn't positively impress the ignorant public. (and before there are more screams, there is absolutely no negative connotation to the word 'ignorant'...it simply means "unaware of" or "lacking knowledge".
Yes, you forgot things sometimes and procrastinate. But for someone with ADD/ADHD, unlike you, there is no choice being made. It simply happens despite best efforts.
by LadyBlackhawk January 21, 2013
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