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Derived from two words: wang, meaning a penis, and face...well, duh.
So by calling someone a wang face, you're pretty much telling them they have the ugliest face you've ever seen.
It can often be used humorously as well, just because it sounds funny.
Hehe. wang. hehe.
also can be used to replace wanker.
mikerocks109: heyy you sexyyy, wanna go to a chat room to cyber?
xxkittykatxx: Ugh, no! wang face!

Tracy: Hahaha, did you see that wang face that was hitting on me this morning? What a fucktard!
by Lady Leet April 04, 2006
Combination of 'fuck' and 'retard'
Emphasizes the retardness of something or someone.
Oh my god! Did you see that guy trip over his shoelaces!! Hahaha what a fucktard!
by Lady Leet April 04, 2006
Otherwise known as a scene haircut...you can usually find people with this cut lurking on Myspace. They typically style their hair with the bangs to the side and covering one eye...often the bangs are dyed abnormal colors as well. They are the same people who take pictures of themselves from the top, or just looking over the shoulder in an attempt at looking dramatic/contemplative/sad/emo. Usually the people who have "emo hair" are scene kids. Kind of like emo wannabees, except they get mad if you say that.
Did you see the picture of that guy on Myspace? He definately has emo hair - it's shaggy and you can't even see his eyes because his bangs are so long.
by Lady Leet April 04, 2006

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