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A word developed for the purpose of deflecting people's dislike and/or disapproval of homosexual behavior and/or practice. It is merely an attempt to overshadow any rational and respectable arguments against homosexuality.
Man A: I disapprove of homosexuality because I truly believe it's nothing short of lust mingled with anxiousness and confusion. I believe homosexuals have a strong sexual desire that they have trouble containing and expressing. When this desire is paired with anxiousness, it is expressed in unnatural manners. Such as same-gender sex.

Man B: I agree, but I also believe homosexuality can be a psychological reaction. Such as women suppressing their natural desire for men as a response to an abusive relationship. Or men suppressing their natural desire for women as a response to an emasculating trauma.

Man C: Whatever, you dudes are just homophobes.

Man A & B: Why?

Man C: Just, whatever. You have homophobia. That's why.
by Lady Feminist October 09, 2009

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