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3 definitions by Lady Cupcake

a condition you have when your friends do not return your emails, instant messages, or texts.
I have sent a dozen emails to my best friend and she won't respond. I think I have cyber leprosy.
by Lady Cupcake June 15, 2009
when your mind becomes blank causing you not to react to the stupid antics of your man because his penis is so big and perfect.
Tommy NEVER picks up his clothes off the floor, but luckily his woman has dicknesia and she doesn't rag on him.
by Lady Cupcake September 11, 2009
a MAC owner who uses his laptop to masturbate to a variety of pictures and porn sites.
Hey, did you see that picture of Emma Stone? She is so hot, I had to MAC-wack-it before I went to work today.
by Lady Cupcake October 14, 2009