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A hybrid form of heavy metal, glam hard rock, rap, pop, and industrial that became popular in the late 90s. Has persevered under the guise of emo and taken on indie elements, as hinted at by the fact that the artists look like total cockfags.
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Something for metalheads to complain about and nu metal lovers to complain about the complaining, especially on the Urban Dictionary website.
Popular bands: Slipknot, KoRn, Adema, Limp Bizkit, Hawthorne Heights.
Popular bands to name when trying to create a bad definition bashing it: Dragonforce, Symphony X, Rhapsody, Dream Theater, The Carebear Orchestra.
Nu Metalhead: Ur JuSt JeAlOuS oF SlIpKnOtZ (sIc) SoNgWrItIn AbIlItY
by Lado July 12, 2006
An aural stimulation that has somewhat been related to bleeding of the ears, an excess production of testosterone, and the utter pissing off of rap fans around the world. In fact, this form of music is just white noise set to very fast beats, but due to a certain property only evident in angry, white, suburbanite males, this white noise translates into very fast, very technical, and very well written music (see: necrophagist OMG) Death metal musicians tend to have an extreme amount of skill, using secret techniques taught to them by subliminal messaging through the Slayer Compact Disc, Reign In Blood, of only which a few copies exists today, that produces this extreme effect. It is said that there are secret rituals in Greg's Basement that are used to summon the almighty Slayer, involving the parting of a chicken, dipping your head in entrails for apples, and going trick or treating in the middle of august. Avoid death metal fans at all cost. They are infected with nerd syndrome, a very infectious disease which you may catch after only one listen to a death metal CD. If you ever encounter one of these nerds, the obvious symptoms are as follows: Obesity, extreme paleness of the skin, acne, a lack of social awareness, stuttering, the tendency to talk to oneself, a delusion that they are OMG TEH HOTNESS. Run.
Death metal fan: Blah blah blah blah Vader blah blah Monstrosity, blah blah blah blah tremelo picking blah blah blah Cryptopsy, blah blah blah blah blah blastbeats.

Death metal band: Blah blah blah blood, blah blah blah blah blah blah guts blah blah blah anal blah blah poop, blah blah blah blah knife blah blah blah satan blah god.
by Lado July 31, 2006

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