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The lowest form of teenage rebellion. These wannabe thugs/ gangsters come from the mid- lower class streets of Sydney and are a growing epidemic. They are usually bogans who want some sort of social status besides being idiot junkies so they tend to wear silly clothing such as the popular footy shorts revealing unbearably hideous and unnecessary leg hairs. These goons do not take showers often and beware that most smell like shit. They are rejected from society and even in the rave scene (popular among these idiots). A great example of this rejection from the rave scene is powerhouse productions and their banning of all lads. (Great idea, Thankyou so much) Lastly, they are all shit cunts... any other real gang whether it be Asian, Wog, Indians even could fuck these skinny little shits up. Once again proving the point that these kids are the lowest form of life in Australia..
"No Lads or Lad Clothing. Example - Stripped polo shirts or Skin Baseball caps.
Anyone wearing prohibited clothing inside the venue will be removed from the event." - PowerHouse Productions

Lad: " OI you asian kid, wanna faakn fight cunt?"
Asian kid: " What the fuck cunt? get the fuck out of here before i muay thai your ass back to redfern." *fight stance*
Lad: "FUCK YOU" *scared as shit.. runs away with the assistance of his little footy shorts and TNS*

Lad: " fuck you wog cunt brah eshays gimme ur fuckn money or ill shank u brahh." * pulls out little kitchen knife*
Wog guy: " WOT BRO? " *Pulls out handgun* " YEAH LETS GO CUZ"
Lad: *no chance to run... shot dead.*
by Ladkilla45eshbrahgaycunts1 February 17, 2010

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