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A book writen by Stephanie Meyer and obsessed over by crazed fans.

Personally, I adore the series. Or... I did. Once EVERYONE started reading it and obsessing over it, it became incredibly overrated and annoying.
The obsession over the character Edward Cullen is simply uncalled for. HE IS NOT REAL, PEOPLE. No man out there is going to live up to him. I apologize.

Now that I think about it, every book in the series is very cliche. Maybe that's what makes 'non-readers' read it. It's something they're used to; something they've heard of.
Yes, I have read Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn twice each, but I read many other books as well.
The fanatics over these books ONLY read these books. Tisk, tisk. You live in a fantasy world.
My favorite character has ALWAYS been Alice Cullen. In my opinion, she is the best character in the book. Period.
Example 1:

Crazy fan: "Ohmygod! I am going to marry Edward Cullen!"
Normal Person: "No you're not. He doesn't exist."
Normal Person: "The truth hurts...?"

Example 2:

Fan: "Edward Cullen is the most beautiful man to ever exist."
Normal Person: "Correction: Edward Cullen is ONE of the most beautifully described CHARACTERS to ever be read about."
Fan: "........"

Example 3:

Fan: "Team Edward! Yeah!"
Normal Person: "Team Me! Yeah!"
Fan: "You're weird..."
Normal Person: "You're delusional and obsessed."

Example 4:

Fan: "Twilight is the BEST BOOK EVER!!"
Normal Person: "...That's only because it's the only book you've ever read."
by Ladidaopa! February 27, 2009

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