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HC is just the best all around. Yeah it kinda looks like it hasn't been renovated since the 1600's, and yes we share one field with about 9 sports. But when all that is looked past, you basically come to meet funny, hot, CHILL girls that everyone wants to meet. Walking into HC, you'll see yellow skirts jumping through the hallways during frees - probably seniors trying to piss teachers off for the hell of it. Then there is the homeroom in the gym where you will find absurdly funny skits and people talking forever during announcements to be able to miss the first ten minutes of A block. Then there’s the infamous senior lounge, which really can’t be put into words. Any alumni can just laugh at the thought of unexplainable events that occurred in this sacred room. By the time you leave HC, you have girls that you know you'll talk to every day for the rest of your life, and the ones that you'll only see at your 5 and 10 year reunions - but no matter what you'll share that bond of having such a freaking awesome HS experience where you probably spent half the time: making up excuses for being late in the morning (such as there was an accident in The Village parking lot which can also explain the frappachino in your hand), spending half your day God knows where and saying you were in the nurse, finding new ways to decorate the senior lounge, and coming up with ways to dominate in Sprit Week. All in all, we know there's no place like HC, there's no place like home. <3
by Ladeedaaaaadadadaa February 25, 2010

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