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Cut Off My Penis (castration/quatred)
c.o.m.p: what they would have done to Guy Fawkes if he didn't jump.
by Lad Man March 14, 2007
A musical style and anarchistic movement, which, contrary to fans of Green Day, has no connection with protesting and left wing idealism. That thinking is for hippies and PUNKS BURN HIPPIES! The craftsman of British Punk Rock was Malcom McClaren and his S&M inspired band: the sex pistols. True punks will be fond readers of the Anarchist's cookbook and will spend most of their time in S&M clubs watching bands who like avoiding competition.
"I'm a punk! I'm gonna rape your fucking dog with a dildo! PUNK ROCK TWATFACE!"
by Lad Man March 14, 2007
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