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Blowin' dro, Smokin' weed, gettin right!!!
Cory's coming over and we gonna blaze one.
by Lacie December 07, 2003
a huge penis that dangles, usually found on older men that are limp
your grandpa has a kabinglerdanglin, your Mom told me last night
by Lacie March 16, 2005
One who has no commom sense and is just plain stupid
That damn abner is a darylic!
by Lacie January 24, 2005
Half Scott, Half Houdini, a prankster at large
Gosh... that flippin idiot is such a scoudini! He wont ever let me do what i wanna do...jeez
by Lacie January 24, 2005
the opposite of go, to cease movement
She was so scared that her heart stopped.
by Lacie August 18, 2003
noun. Means someone is playing Kick.
Sir did you Widdles last night? Yes I was playing Kick.
by lacie April 13, 2003

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