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A "Ville Valo" is a dark ethereal creature..The only existing being and successful vocalist of a Finnish band named "HIM".. He is the dragon..complete w/ ring of smoke rising like a halo above his head... and eyes of fire.. He carries a deadly virus deep w/in his heart that causes the now well known disease called fixHIMiation..It's symptoms include yelling, singing, HIM concert-going, crying, swooning, and buying of HIM cd's w/ a small percentage that can experience anal leakage.. Caution: this virus goes straight to the heart and does not stop.. This being, for whatever reason he is here, affects everyone. He is a fierce dragon that will not stop in his continued search for human souls..
not to be confused w/ Barney the Dinosaur... this is quite different..

ex.. a being filled w/ love and death indivisible..a man divided by pain and pleasure..
by Lace Carter June 10, 2004
Ville Valo's voice.... makes me want to close my eyes and feel his breath..from his tender kiss, I would drink his death..Grab me, caress me, tear at my hair! A dream under my bed? Were you really there?..The full moon paints me as white as your face, want to go w/ you and leave this place..Like flesh and bone, blood and stone, his voice cuts through my heart and I moan..Are you my saviour demon spawn? A lullabye ripped from my heartbeat too long?,..Use me as food, I'll taste of your wine, then hush me to sleep with that voice so divine.. Prick the skin and sink it right in, then plunge in your darkness and swallow my sin..Your my temptation, you make me live twice.. and your icecold touch would be 3X as nice.... But for now there's that voice..the weepings of his soul..what else can I say?.. He enthralls us all.. @-(--
willa wallo makes me weep a wousand times..
by Lace Carter June 14, 2004

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