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3 definitions by LaRoque

–noun, plural -tries.
A sweet baked food (Pies, cookies, cakes or other confections) prepared by homosexuals and brought to the office.
Gay man #1: I made a special gaystry just for you - its got nuts all over it.

Gay man # 2: You have GOT to try my chocolate salty balls.
by LaRoque October 06, 2006
uhm-bil-i-gold Any lint, crud, dirt, candy or treasure found while digging in your navel.
Man to wife: Look! I found some umbiligold!
by LaRoque October 06, 2006
A vile, nasty man-hating uber lesbian she-devil.
akin to The Antichrist.
That vile, nasty man-hating lesbian is The Anticock!
by LaRoque October 06, 2006