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(also known as Down for the Squad or Down for the Camp).Used to describe girls that are willing to let you and your whole group of friends fuck, not to be confused with being down for the Train. A girl who is down for the team will let you hit and then you can put her on whoever, she doesn't care.
J: Yo my nig i just got the neck from this one jawn from up the street

T: Real rap? That's crazy

J: It gets better than that, she's down for the team

T: For real? Man we in there!
by LaMilton Taeshawn June 07, 2010
Verb: To fuck someone with a strap-on dildo strapped to your head. Named because the dildo looks like a unicorn's horn.
Richard Simmons: "Oh, George Michael! Please unicorn me!"
by Lamilton Taeshawn July 23, 2015

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