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A term used to describe someone who is cheap. Derived from the stereotype that Jews are cheap.
Can be heard used as a derogatory term in the movie "Pretty Persuasion", where Evan Rachel Woods' character insults a Jewish classmate.
"At least my dad's not a money grabbing Jew shyster!
Jack is such a money grabbing jew shyster! He just got that big raise and I make minimum wage but he still refuses to spend $10 to take me to a movie!
by LaLaLane November 15, 2007
A derogatory name you would use to describe someone who is so fucked up you wouldn't be surprised if they fucked goats in the ass.
Chuck was talking about fucking your grandmother! He's such an ass-ramming goat fucker!
by LaLaLane November 15, 2007
French: Short for the word "dégueulasse" which means; disgusting, repugnant, vulgar, gross. Deg is used as a shorter way of saying dégueulasse and is very popular, especially amongst young people. Should be used when something in utterly detestable.
Ugh, Gary just ate cow shit! That is so deg!
by LaLaLane November 16, 2007
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