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American Eagle (AE, A&E, AEO) is a popular teen clothing store. Its competitors are Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister Co., and Aeropostale. Out of these stores, American Eagle is the 2nd most affordable clothing with Aeropostale ranking as the cheapest.

Many people think that only rich preps and posers shop there to fit in at school, but a lot of people(who definitely are not rich) shop there because they actually like the clothes. AE provides great clothes at an affordable price (that is, when it is on the clearance section). Anyone besides 'preps' can shop here also!

The trick to shopping at A&E without paying such an expensive price is to shop at the clearance section at the store or online. It is possible to get 10 items for 100 bucks, which really is not bad.

Con: Since a lot of people shop here, it's hard to be unique and some styles are similar to Hollister, AF and Aero..
Nemo: Hey, I like your shirt! Where'd you get it from?
Dory: I got it from american eagle for 7 bucks!
Nemo: Nice! It looks better than my 8 dollar shirt that says 'old navy' all over it! Maybe I'll shop there next time!
by LaLaLandz July 20, 2007

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