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Where getting a 3.9 (weighted) GPA gives you five times more preparation for college than that bastard who dropped out of IB and has a 4.7 (weighted).

Also where over 65-70% of students who start out as pre-IB in freshman year either drop out or fail out by end of senior year.

The best part about it is that everybody in IB agrees with the above two statement. (Note that this does not include the arrogant pre-IB smart asses who think IB is gonna be easy due to their ten times easier course loads)

I'll take an IB student with 3.9 GPA any day over a fucking idiot from Honors/AP with 4.7 who thinks his grades are so high when in reality it's inflated to stinkin' heaven.
Non-IB Idiot: Hey, I have a 4.5 GPA so far going into my junior year. I hear you're in International Baccalaureate?

IB Student: Yes, I'm going into my junior year with 4.1.

Non-IB Idiot: Haha you SUCK!

IB Student: So why don't you join IB your junior year? It's not too late.

Non-IB Idiot: Okay, then, lol, it can't be THAT hard. Bring it on!

IB Student: *Evil smile*

<Junior year passes by>

IB-Screwed-Over Idiot: FUCK! I got 3 C's, 2 A's, and 2 B's my junior year! How is this possible!? I worked three times harder than my previous two years!

IB Student: Oh, well, too bad. I made it out with 5 A's and 2 B's. Oh, wait, colleges look at your junior grades the most....
by LaLaLand999 October 12, 2009

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