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A handsome or pretty baritone. Especially, but not exclusively, one who removes his shirt for the sake of opera
I'm going to the Marriage of Figaro because I like the opera but also to see the barihunks on display.
by LaDonnaMobile August 28, 2006
An obsessive psychotic fan of retired soprano Cheryl Studer, who pollutes every opera discussion group and blog with out-of-date hagiographic reviews of Ms Studer, and denigrates every other soprano, whilst adopting the names or aliases of other users.
"Twenty-four days ago we celebrated the birthday of legendary CHERYL STUDER, and those of you well acquainted with her innumerable performances, live and from the studio, will understand my enthusiasm, since she represents a link with the great singers in opera history."

"It's the StuderTroll again..."
by LaDonnaMobile August 23, 2006
A director's device to add drama to an opera. Particularly useful in death scenes. Perfected by Plácido Domingo; Rolando Villazón is an expert. Test of how good a tenor really is.

First found on blogs and usenet, it is now used by the mainstream media.
This opera contained the requisite amount of tenorial rolling on the ground and furniture abuse

- paraphrase from San Francisco Chronicle
by LaDonnaMobile August 23, 2006
An important operatic move, perfected by the great tenor, Plácido Domingo. closely related to tenorial rolling on the ground

"I now determine whether an opera is a chest hair fondling opera or a furniture abuse opera."
by LaDonnaMobile August 23, 2006

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