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Elderly, crotchety old men who think the world owes them favors because they are veterans. They will usually ask for special discounts, expect special favors and walk around like they are better than younger veterans because they served in the "real wars". Spev is short for "Special Veterans" and is likened to the derogatory term sped for "special ed". Note that not all veterans act like this and therefore not all veterans should be referred to as this.
Those crotchety old spevs were in again today whining about how we don't offer veteran discounts.
#veterans #crotchety old men #geezers #annoying customers #extinct
by LaDeena October 11, 2009
A sappy, stupid nickname a moronic girl gives her 2 years younger boyfriend, who happens to be an insane psycho control freak.
Someone slap Deana upside the head and inform her that her "baby boi" is a pussy cheesehead.
#puny assphat #control freak #bad tempered #minor #just wait till that little fuck's 18
by LaDeena April 01, 2007
To legally get rid of the leeching, lazy scumbag you mistakenly married when you were young and naive.
I threw a party when my divorce was final.
#goodbye #see ya #have a nice life #blessing #expensive but worth it
by LaDeena June 02, 2006
Another word for backstabber.
I wouldn't trust her if I were you. She's a silver, I'm telling you!
#fake friend #liar #flamer #wimp #poser
by LaDeena June 02, 2006
A nice way of calling someone stupid. See Spongebob Squarepants
That guy is such a patrick!
#stupid #duh #brainless #moronic #idiot
by LaDeena July 02, 2009
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