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Word for the manager of a business, usually but not always fast food, who has a secret stash of twinkies or other snack cake hidden in their office.
Rick is so damn fat that they nicknamed him the twinkie king of the factory!
by LaDeena June 02, 2006
A relationship that is filled with so much drama it feels like a bad soap opera. Starts out as a normal relationship until the Dramaholic's true nature emerges, usually set off my some miniscule happening on the other person's part.The more the normal person tries to be avoid drama, the more the dramaholic tries to create, usually with the intention to break the normal person's spirit and sanity. Usually end up as domestic violence cases when the normal person refuses to be broken down.
I am so happy and grateful that I am out of that dramalationship!!
by LaDeena October 11, 2009
A person who excessively nags at someone else.
In her eyes, nothing he does is ever good enough. She is now known as the Nagginator.
by LaDeena October 11, 2009
Someone who spends all his time making up fake stories about his ex because he wants people to feel sorry for him.
He is a walking tabloid and the only people that will listen to his made up stories about her are the gutter trash losers that subscribe to him.
by LaDeena July 04, 2009
A nice way of calling someone a stupid bitch. By reversing the first letters of the words, it is unlikely they will figure out what you are really saying and will give you a blank look.
Boopid Stitch! Have a nice day!

*blank stare in response* Thank you!
by LaDeena July 02, 2009
An extrememly short tempered, small statured, partially paralyzed woman who constantly fucked around on her ex husband, producing a child with a different father. Also likes to start fights by throwing the first punch but threatens the punchee that if he hits her back she'll call the police and use her disability as a crutch.
Stephanie was such an uberbitch that her ex husband referred to her as satan's concubine
by LaDeena April 01, 2007
Someone who is addicted to carbohydrates and sweets.
Yes, she is on the Atkins diet and gets flack from every starch mouth within a 5 mile radius.
by LaDeena March 02, 2010
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