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A supervisor in a factory that seems to think they have more power over the employees than the actual factory manager does.
Her team leader's name is Don. He is such an asshole.
by LaDeena June 04, 2006
Test taken to prove that a man is either the father or not the father of a child. ( see Maury show)
Stephanie tried to refuse to take the paternity test proving he wasn't the father because she didn't want the other guy to find out he wasn't the father either.
by LaDeena June 02, 2006
Bunch of company asskissing retards who throw out grievences filed against a company based on the sex of the person who filed the grievence.
UAW International dismissed the grievence because she didn't have a shlong hanging between her legs.
by LaDeena June 04, 2006
A woman who is a little bit too fond of giving oral sex.
Stephanie is a seminal receptor
by LaDeena June 04, 2006
The female body that gave birth to a person who chooses not to recognize that female as their mother for whatever reason. A disowned biological mother.
Jennifer isn't my mother. She's the maternal unit that happened to give birth to me.
by LaDeena July 04, 2009
A hick redneck town that is mostly inhabited by crackwhores and guttertrash. Famous for their trashy broken down bowling alley and kiddy porn ring.
Yeah I used to live in Connertucky, till I came to my senses and moved back to the much classier R-town.
by LaDeena July 04, 2009
Heavyset preteen girls that like to start drama behind your back. They usually run in packs.
Those 2 little chub-a-longs Emily and Kaylee have such pathetic lives that they have to start drama with other people to get their jollies
by LaDeena July 21, 2008

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