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Means 3D pig disgusting.

Usually used by people who only like 2D.
"So, what do you think of my girlfriend?"
"She's 3DPD, man."
by LaClown July 31, 2009
A word created after some dude on IRC from Singapore told us to "pls fuck the fucking wall and die" ... hence creating wallfucker.

Can be either used to insult someone or just a (friendly) greeting.
Guy I: Hey man.
Guy II: Hey, what's up wallfucker?
Guy I: Ah, not much.
by LaClown June 15, 2008
Short for "Get back to the Kitchen".
<Becky> i'm a girl
<Tom> girls don't exist on the Internet
<Bill> tits or gbttk!
by LaClown May 01, 2009
Cosporn - A cross between cosplay and porn.
"Yo, you seen that new Code Geass cosporn?"
"I didn't know there was one! :o"
by LaClown August 29, 2008
Eyepatch emoticon. (Mostly based on Chihiro from ef - a tale of memories.)

Can be varied. E.g. ;_#, v_#, O_#, etc.
I'm very happy, and you? ^_#
by LaClown August 28, 2008
An Atheist term for "Christmas".
"Happy Present Day, everyone!"
by LaClown March 18, 2008
TBSN is a short way of saying "The box says no." which is a line from the Futurama episode "The Farnsworth Parabox".
Guy I: "Hey, you got any porn?"
Guy II: "TBSN."
by LaClown September 21, 2008

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