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Someone who epitomises the sappy and gay elements of regular demographics such as goths, teen boppers, punkers, skaters, surfers, etc.
Emo fag: My girlfriend, Janie, blocked me on Yahoo!IM. I knew she blocked me 'coz she was on AIM, but she didn't know I knew that. This makes me sad like the time my Taking Back Sunday signed skateboard was run over. I think I might take some Sudafed to help me bring and end to this life.
by La Douche April 13, 2004
1. Using a housing commision home as a party venue.
2. Spending the majority of your welfare on alcohol.
3. Getting government funding for a corroboree.
Kevin and Keith are headin' out to the new joint the housin' comish given 'em to smoke some yhandi and drink some meffo.
by La Douche April 13, 2004
A glass bottle of beer somewhere in the region of 250 mL, not to be confused with a middy.
I can't afford a case of regular sized stubbies so I'll go with throwdowns.
by La Douche April 13, 2004
Aboriginal term for a white person, less rude than more common "white cunt", but supposed to have the same connotation.
Aboriginal man: Gimme some money you white Jesus
Centrelink Officer: I'm sorry, it is not your pay day
Aboriginal man: Youse white cunts is all the same.
by La Douche April 13, 2004

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