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Stupid lonely bitch who no one likes. That constantly talks about dumb irrelevant shit that no one gives a rat's ass about. She is that one person that when ever you hear a sound come out of her throat you just want to smash that bitch in the face with a very heavy and blunt object. And I'm pretty sure that shes just looking for someone to stick their cock in her hallway of a mangina, but no man in his right mind (on any amount/combination of drugs or alcohol) would fuck or tap that, in all senses, shit. She tries to fit in by acting like something or someone she's not. Also known as the kraken or the crack, on the count that this bitch's ass crack is always hanging out because she doesn't believe in long enough underwear, pants, or a belt or really any tool that is supposed to cover the crack of her ass. And not to mention that this bitch has a voice that sounds an old ass dog getting run over by a steamroller, but this bitch is also so a swagger jacking skank. She will take anything you do or say and constantly say or use it because she has less swag than burned down house.This is something I like to call a trend killer. I just don't know how any humans could reproduce and have something that is this damn annoying and awful. I don't think it has parents but instead just congealed in a gutter somewhere.
Cracken: Hey guys, you wanna know about something that no one other than me gives a fuck about?

"Friends": (under breath) dear god shut the fuck up you bitch! No one likes yo dog shit looking ass. DAMN I HATE YOU GO DIE IN A FUCKING HOLE LIKE THE FUCKING MOLE RAT YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!! GOD DAMN UR ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Put your shit incrusted ass crack back where it fucking belongs you ugly bitch. No one gives a shit about your family, the friends that you think you have, your diabetes, or whatever the hell you do at work. Go fuck yourself you creepy incesting little bitch before I pop a cap in your hairy ass.
by La Bad Bitch and The Kid D October 18, 2011

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