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Zig-Zag's - papers used for rolling cigarettes. White is the thinnest, and is distinguished by it's watermark of the zig-zag man and are preferable for rolling joints, but one must be careful not to roll wet pot with one's white zig-zags or one will have trouble getting one's joint to burn properly, the blue papers are a little heavier and are better for rolling cigarettes, or pot which was either freshly picked or "moisened" by your local pot supplier. The green zig-zags are the thickest, and wet proof, therefore they are most valuable for water-skiing, cliff jumping, and deep sea diving. Wherever you live, they'll likely cost you less than the price of a chocolate bar, so even if you don't smoke cigarettes, or pot, I really suggest picking up a pack, simply because they're cool.
Happy days

"Hi, could I get 6 packs of white zig-zags please."

"Do you think you can really use the green zig-zags under water?"

"Zig-zags are like the world man, it's like you got the papers, keeping everything in, like the ozone and stuff, and like, the pot is like all the trees and people and stuff, and like, they're all like living and stuff.... and then you like, burn it, and like it gets you totally stoned and stuff."
by LZ December 19, 2003
One who is only your friend when you have marijuana, or other drugs, and or alchahol.
You got a bag man? cool, im gonna chill with you today (tj)
by Lz June 05, 2003
n. the art of smugnorfing
i smugnorf all day long
by LZ November 20, 2004
nice, hot, funny. those r all things that come 2 mind when you think of kandie. i reely like her and hope that she might sometime go out with me. but hey, wishful thinking never paid off.
i *heart* kandie keidel
by LZ November 20, 2004
n. a german word from dutch origin. roughly translated as "Larz's Penis".
shove it in a pussy and hear squeak noises!
by LZ November 23, 2004
n. derived from the Arkansian word "hill-billy" which means "One who sleeps with his sister and has no real genitalia.
Harkness has no male genitalia. Go figure.
by LZ January 03, 2005
David Karp's small, weak minded dog. He has no when he is getting cussed at. He spends his days taking long naps in the sun and also in some of his favorite haunts. His favorite haunt is david's bed where he is free to insert his penis into david's mouth and pleasure david as well. that is, before david's dad joins the party.
o ya david. u no u like it like that. hes workin his back.
by LZ November 23, 2004

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