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Long Valley is a town in Morris County. Long Valley is also know as the "LV". LV lies in one of the wealthiest countys in NJ. LV is half farmland/working class and fucking rich ass people. In long valley you either live in "the valley" or "the mountain". The kids who live in the big "LV" are usually assholes but we love them anyway. Long Valley is mainly all white and the minoritys act white. LV kids drink and smoke weed for fun, and like to throw house parties that get broken up in an hour cuz LV cops are douchebags. If you live in long valley you probably went to West Morris Central. Long valley is horribly boring and if you want to go anywhere besides the general store you have to go into Hackettstown. The highschool parking lot is filled with BMWS, Audis, Hummers, while some cars are shitty mainly. Usually the wealthier kids like on the "mountain". LV is boring but if your from Long Valley your fucking proud, because one is for sure, with only a general store in our entire town we know how to have a fucking good time!
" I live on the Mountain in Long Valley"
" Kids from Long Valley are rich pricks!!"
by LVqueen May 21, 2006

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