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Forever 21 is an American chain of clothing retailers with branches in the United States, Canada, Ireland, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Thailand, China, South Korea, Japan, Puerto Rico, Philippines, and United Kingdom offering fashion and accessories for young women and men.
Forever 21 rigorously vets plans for prospective merchandise from more than 2,000 original design manufacturers located around Los Angeles, and it takes anything from one to six weeks to order a new product and dispatch it to stores. The company’s image for made-in-the-USA merchandise produced in Californian factories is one of its sales points (even though most items are in fact made in China under the control of US companies). Forever 21’s merchandise does not have uniform specifications, patterns or even sizes; these details vary by supplier. However, in a sense, this creates a certain treasure-hunt type of enjoyment for shoppers.3
Girl 1- Hey! where did you get those shoes?

Girl 2- At Forever21, you know they're super cheap!
by LOVEshopping<3 March 30, 2011

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