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9 definitions by LOREN

Stunning,can be a bitch at times
by Loren March 07, 2003
Possibly the most influential spazz-rock band of the nineties.
I can't believe Frodus broke up.

I know, we might as well just kill ourselves!
by Loren March 09, 2005
shorthand for "hit me up on the flipside" or "catch you on the flipside".
p1 : should I call you?
p2 : yeah, hit me on the flip
by Loren May 19, 2004
Something very special.
We'll just have use the "eye thing".
by Loren March 09, 2005
A genre of elevator music that combines aspects of funk and smooth jazz. Usually layers a repeating soft saxaphone riff over some funky guitar.
Nobody likes elevator funk.
by Loren January 30, 2005
A prostitute, cheap whore, skank, etc.
I got with a cyncyrie last night for $5!!
by Loren April 29, 2004
This is when you are in a conversation and you can't recall the person's name you are refering to.
"What's her/his fuck got real drunk last night." - (insert name)
"Wait, who are you talking about?"
"I don't know. What's her/his fuck"
-(insert name)
by LOREN August 19, 2004