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A term used humorously and seriously to describe the oftentimes "Un American" intrusive, overregulatory, and overbearing activities of the state and local governments in the state of New Jersey. Used typically in the context of overtaxation, de facto denial of second amendment rights via foot dragging in issuance of FID (Firearm Identification Card), and oftentimes overbearing environmental regulation.
In other words, a "regime" that blatantly disregards the constitution and acts as a quasi independent entity. Also known as People's Socialist Republic of New Jersey, People's Socialist Republik of New Jersey, People's Democratik Republik Of New Jersey or variations thereof. Usuually abbreviated as PRNJ, PSRNJ, and variations thereof.
Dammit my taxes went up without me having a say in it. These corrupt politicians in the People's Republic Of New Jersey are like dictators.

New Jersey is not America, hence we call it the People's Republic of New Jersey.

Just because gays can have civil unions, doesn't make the People's Republic Of New Jersey a welcome place for most individuals.

Why anyone in their right mind would willingly live in the People's Republic of New Jersey and submit to onerous regulations of their daily lives is utterly and completely beyond comprehension.
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by LONFOG April 09, 2010
The asinine requirement to purchase a firearm (rifle or shotgun), ammunition or even BB guns in the People's Republic of New Jersey. Although not technically required for possession of such items, it does, as a generality, serve as a de facto proof of being "eligible" to possess firearms. Application for FID is typically made to the law enforcement agency at which one resides. Non residents apply at the nearest NJSP trooper barracks. The process is highly intrusive and involves signing a waiver to allow disclosure of mental health information to determine eligibility and the providing of references who must attest to the "fitness" of the applicant.

The process is supposed to take no more than 30 days, but do to prevailing anti 2nd amendment attitudes and sentiments held by most law enforcement agencies, it can take, in some cases, upwards of a year to be issued one; other localities, more accepting of the second amendment will issue within 30 days. In addition, there are multiple cases of denial for "arbitrary" and vague reasons, often termed as "public health and safety".
Oh you want to buy this gun, ok, let me see your Firearm Identification Card before we can proceed with this sale.

Oh, you want to apply for a FID. Here sign this mental health waiver and we'll hopefully issue your card in the next year or so.

LEO- Let me see your FID.

Law abiding citizen-Sir, respectfully, I do not need a FID since I am in possession under one of the exemptions provided for by NJ law.

LEO-Get the fuck out of the car and get on the ground!!!!! You cannot possess a firearm without a FID!!!!!
#second amendment #2nd amendment #new jersey #firearm #ammunition #people's republic of #fid #mental health
by LONFOG April 10, 2010
LONFOG, acronym or abreviation for Land Of No Fireworks Or Guns. Basically, this is another name or nickname for New Jersey, a state which bans all consumer fireworks and severely hinders its populace from exercising the second amendment.
Tim-Oh fuck man, I gotta live in LONFOG
Jim-Yeah man its a real shame you have to live in New Jersey. You cannot get fireworks or guns.

Damn this stupid state, I cannot get a gun for self defense or fireworks to celebrate 4th of July. I wish I could move out of LONFOG
#new jersey #firework #fireworks #gun #firearm #ammunition #firearms #sparklers #firecrackers #bullets #bullet #second amendment #2nd amendment #republic #republik
by LONFOG April 08, 2010
NFW is an acronym for No Firework World. NFW is the political entity of New Jersey, which bans the use of all consumer fireworks.
Dammit, its 4th of July and I cannot even get sparklers in NFW. Curse this damn state.

Fireworks are illegal in NFW
#fireworks #new jersey #lonfog #socialist #communist #people's socialist
by LONFOG April 21, 2010
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