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A polite way of calling someone a "bitch" in public, with out having to be so rude about it.

Femdogism- Dedication to being a total and complete "ignorant biotch" 24/7.
1- "Stop acting like a femdog"!
2- "You femdogs really get on my nerves"!
3- (Friend)- "Hey, sorry to say, but i just saw your wife kissing the mail man".......
(Him)- "What?! That Fucking Femdog"!!
4- "Your too much of a Femdog for me to be with....thats why ive been fucking ur sister"!
5- Femdogism is the new religon that street rats, shmutbuckets & strumpets use on a daily basis.
by LNE119 October 20, 2010

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