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the greatest site ever

a place where people share their daily encounters, funny moments, sad moments, awesome moments.
We people of memecenter laugh, fight, and shed tears together.
It is a great site filled with freedom, joy, and trolls.
Two words to describe memecenter: simply amazing...
used to have mostly memes until the summer of 2012, then the memecenter artists rose up, started drawing... long gone are the good old times with ranks like Ben, Mustapan, Serkan, or Mustapan, Serkan, Ben, or later when Serkan heated Mustapan by reposting, it became Serkan, Mustapan, and Ben.... Now Raze, an artist is ranked one...
oh and reposter used to be hated deeply, then people realized that reposters can be posting it for new comers to see old memes!

memecenter is my home!
Herpina: hmm i wonder what derp is doing... "hey derp what are you doing?"

Derp: "memecenter"

Herpina: "what's memecenter honey?"

Derp: *gets ax* "bitch don't talk to me"
by LMAONAYHAY February 18, 2013

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