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(noun)A beautiful,graceful young mother. Independent, thoughtful, strong in her opinions. She's the kind of woman that only needs Love from another person. Loni is what every man wants in a partner , very easy on the eyes, full of energy, drive, and a hunger for life. She going places and she'll only take you with her if you can hold your own and keep up. She takes care of her self, and the stuff that has to get done. She does it her way and on her terms. She doesn't need any one to tell her what to do or how to do it. She is the strongest person I know, and the only woman that deserves true love and a truly loving family.
"As a woman my goal in life is to be a Loni"
"Every time life gets me down I think... I'm a Loni I can do this"
#lonie #lonnie #loly #stong woman #mother #girl power
by LLLove2bwithU February 02, 2010
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