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One being with complete and utter intelligence, modesty, beauty, and self worth!
A beautiful woman Lynn walks into the room.
by LJP February 26, 2005
The North Jersey slang term for something both Fantastic and Fabulous!
I hope you're having a Fantabulous day!
by LJP February 28, 2005
People who are sitting at their computer doing a paper that is due tomorrow at 4pm...paper
My roommate is the biggest dork...but one of the loyalist of friends and i'm gonna miss her next semester!
by LJP October 30, 2005
Verb: Keith Diaz laughing histerically!
Keith always rolled after my jokes!
by LJP March 06, 2005
An exceptional actor, and even more amazing person!
Tom Cruise will always have success because of his talent and for that I have comeplete admiration for him.
by LJP March 06, 2005
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