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this can be used when someone is incredible attractive and you find them just really hot and sexy
"I love you babe, you are sex!"
by LIL90 February 26, 2008
it means the exact same thing as idiot just spelled and pronounced differently.
"I couldn't make it in time for the fuckin pizza store"
"Your an eediat, that's why. You gotta walk like RUN BRO!"
by LIL90 February 26, 2008
After smoking weed, you get very hungry and that's what the munchies are. The need for food, usually junk food.
Person #1 "where you going?"
Person #2 "cafeteria"
Person #1 "why? what's there?"
Person #2 "munchies yo, I get the munchies bad when I'm high"
by LIL90 February 27, 2008

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