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Another name for Police Officers. The name "copper" comes from the copper badges that police used to wear back in the day.
I saw three coppers chillin on I-5.
by LIL NAYA December 02, 2009
an online auction and shopping website (e-bay) in which people and businesses buy and sell a broad variety of goods worldwide.
I'm finna sell my junk on e-bizzle for I can pay my child support...
by LIL NAYA December 01, 2009
Another name for the fast food restaurant "Jack in the Box." The "o" and "x" in the word "Box" are connected and look like a fish.
1: What do you want from Jack in the Bfish?
2: A chicken sandwich momma.
by LIL NAYA December 02, 2009
An iphone app used to tweet on the popular Twitter network. Thanks to iphones and Twitterific, you can tweet anywhere you have cell phone reception!
I was using Twitterific when I was on the toilet and accidentally got some boo boo on my touch screen!
by LIL NAYA December 01, 2009
To take a huge "dump" or "crap."

A mixture of the words "dump" and "poop."
I doop my drawls every time that nature calls.
by LIL NAYA December 02, 2009
1: A nasty fart that squirts in your pants.

2: A poke'mon.
John Smith: Hey dude, I just squirtled.
Jane Doe: DUDE you need to change yerr pants yo.
by LIL NAYA December 02, 2009

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