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8 definitions by LIA

hahahaa shes not THAT bad
damn, u guys r some haters!
by lia August 23, 2004
330 258
21st Century London term (originated from a typo) for someone who has a total inability to type correctly for whatever reason, usually inebriation.
Hybrid of the words 'keyboard' and 'retard'.
MSN messenger conversation:

-So Lndoon rlues, dosn't it?
-Yeah. Dude, you're a total keybotard today, what's the deal?
by lia March 29, 2005
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Best band on this world.
Hey, it's another day in A!
by Lia May 01, 2004
3 7
Future amazons word for 'sex'
'death by snu snu'
by lia August 26, 2004
270 282
I great band out of Jersey City....with the sexiest drummer ever
Metal Baby!!!!!!!
by LIA June 08, 2004
3 16
Slang term for gay teenagers.
Stories about boy love.. a.k.a slash
by Lia December 23, 2004
45 72
A derogatory term for the Welsh, as used by the English.
What are all those fucking toffs doing on our side of the border?
by lia March 29, 2005
6 130