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8 definitions by LGUK

Father Jack's catchphrase. From Father Ted.
FR.JACK: Drink! Feck! Arse! Girls!
by LGUK June 04, 2004
An affront to God, most often used in Internet games. It denotes that something is so ridiculous/amazing that it is heretical.

(NOTE: Not used religiously at all, more jokingly by all instead of any particular group)
You have an UNGODLY amount of SCVs!
by LGUK May 27, 2004
The system bees use for government. Led by a king or queen, but everyone works for each other collectively.
Bee system
by LGUK May 29, 2004
see COMMUCAPITALIST on this site
see 'commucapitalist'
by LGUK June 04, 2004
A complete, utter idiot, who happens to technically be the most powerful man in the world. Blair follows him around constantly. Should be shot, as he has a lower IQ score than a chimpanzee called Keika (proven).
I know we all want to build a more literater society.
by LGUK June 13, 2004
What some people call socialism. Completely untrue.
"Socialism is just pussy communism!"
"No it isn't."
by LGUK December 06, 2004
Horrible, low quality music using lots of 'happy' singers and 1970s keyboard 'zing' effects. Continental Europeans appear to love the stuff.

Mainly from France and Germany, but other European countries produce it too.
That movie had too much Europop in it!
by LGUK May 27, 2004