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Verbal abuse to a group of Canadian ducks.. or Loonies.
I was so drunk I went to the park and started Lupin around.
by LG January 19, 2003
A Pagan Terrorist is a dedicated follower of NUTHAND. Pagan Terrorists do what ever they want to whom ever they want whenever they want. Rules are for defecat0rs.
A pack of angry Pagan Terrorists just stole that rack of DVD's.
by lg June 09, 2004
A band from San Diego California. Hardcore music. Were comin up bitches.
Reprimand will fuck your ass.
by LG January 06, 2005
That dude is such a CLAB....
by LG November 09, 2004
Anything pertaining to or springing fourth from pimpy's harvest.
"Dude, this weed is 'bad weed'.... did you get this from pimpy?"
by lg September 08, 2004
'bow' is a term for a chevrolet with rims that are entirely too big.
"I just put some 24's on the bow, now i cant turn cornaz without the rims rubbin the fender. Damn i am a pimp."
by lg July 07, 2004

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