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Large fish in the simpsons.

They say he's five hundred pounds of
bottom-dwelling fury, don't you know. No one knows how old he is, but
if you ask me (and most people do), he's hundred years if he's a day.
"And uh no one's ever caught him?"

"Well, one fella came close. Went by the name of Homer. Seven feet tall he was, with arms like tree trunks. His eyes were like steel, cold, hard. Had a shock of hair, red like the fires of Hell."
by LEM Chino April 10, 2005
Jurassic Park x1 x2 x3 x4 x5
refers to the comparission of small through large burps to t-rex screams in jurassic parks movies.

1 being a small burp
through to 5 a huge disgusting lengthy burp
"meh jurasic park 1"

"oHHHH thats like a jurassic park fiivvee"
by LEM Chino April 10, 2005
Founded on the principle of nearly abbreviating every single word.

Rabsa draws itseld from rabsablue.

In which a log appeared to look like a rabbit under intoxication. Rabsa = rabbit, blue = bluey.. the drunk individual mistaking the log for a rabbit.
"Rabsa blue i see you"


"make sure to clean your room rabsa"
by LEM Chino April 04, 2005
playing call of duty at tafe instead of doing work
p1 "frag sesh"
p2 "i'll set up servs"
by LEM Chino April 21, 2005
1. A statement to be used freely with others such as ma moot, broo eh eh eh

2. A sick migrant wog. (I chuckeded it on the railaway)
"whats going on cunnys"
"ahhhh mah sitch ah ree"
by LEM Chino April 10, 2005
1. Word replacing thankyou, thanks, cheers etc.
2. word replacing goodbye, later, greetings.
"i got you a drink"

"jersey for bring that over"
by LEM Chino April 17, 2005

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