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a term accidently used my blondes like me who can't pronounce little right
1: look at that girl! she's so lil!
2: don't you mean little
by leah April 11, 2005
A woman may not know she has an STD from prior sexual desires with men and she may infect her current partner with a broken condom.
by Leah September 02, 2003
abrevation for the band fall out boy. hits include "sugar, we're going down", and "dance, dance".
my favorite song is sugar we're going down by f.o.b.
by leah November 17, 2005
1.) Woot is the expression that stoners to use to signfy that they "got a bag."

2.) Can be used while driving around town to scare pedestrians.

3.) Expression of excitment or great joy- happens quite often while stoned.
I've got some- WOOT!

Balls. WOOT!

WOOT! I'm so stoned! WOOT! WOOT!
by Leah July 01, 2004
1 out of 365 days of the year to celebrate for your loved-ones. This is not to make people feel depressed if they don't have a lover, but it's a day to celebrate the joy of love.
Valentine's Day is spent with the ones you care about, or simply to share the love of one's own.
by Leah February 16, 2004
a name some crazy person once called me because he thought i looked like zelda from the legoned of zelda
hey zelda! whats up?
by leah April 11, 2005
The mass extermination of millions of Jews, homos, gypsies, and anyone who opposed Hitler. He made his ass- nazis shoot them right out and put them in mass grave, or put them in concentration camps. These were made especialy to kill and sicken the inhabitants. Some of the soldiers were good however, and were only there becuase they served int he army. It was becuase of good ppl like that that the few that survived did.
The holocaust was a terrible catastrophe that can't happen again. In order for it to not happen, EVERYONE needs to know abt it.
by Leah October 12, 2006

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