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66 definitions by LEAH

a bro who's also a boy bimbo (aka a himbo)

y'know - kinda pretty, kinda dumb, kinda bro-ish
That kid thinks he's a hot shit hipster pretty boy but underneath it all he's still a total bro.
by leah April 18, 2005
A manner of conducting business.
Yodawg, Why you be frontin? We just don't roll that way.
by Leah April 05, 2005
Is the most hoopty town in all of california
Amazing people live in Markleeville they are all my heros
by leah June 20, 2004
Better than awesome. (You should spell awesome awsome.)
Yeah Man
Dude she has an awsome diddly taste in music!!
by Leah January 12, 2004
AKA: Alex Lynn Storelee.
One hot chick that is bangin!
by Leah July 11, 2004
An eCunt. I would never date him. Fucking ass.
His eCuntery knows no bounds.
by Leah June 15, 2003
Being unsure of oneself. Confused to the extreme.
I was so cuntfused when she called me an assbasket.
by Leah October 19, 2003