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It's a flightless bird from Africa with four eyes and three and a half wings.
The Wri-Wri flew over the tree with the anarchist under it.
by Leah October 15, 2004
When a person mixes up the words in a sentence hardcore.

"How dyslexified is that sentence?"
Original sentence: "Entering Data at the station with David"

Dyslexified sentence: Entering David at the Data with Station"
by Leah October 06, 2004
also comonly used as: whatever, talk to the hand, yo mama, etc..
Guy: I uhh... have a headache, so uhh... I'm going to go out with my boys tonight, instead of hanging out with you, is that cool?

by Leah June 23, 2004
David Wenham's character portrayal of Tolkein's Faramir in the Lord of the Rings film trilogy, directed by Peter Jackson. Movie Faramir is a bit darker than the Faramir in the Lord of the Rings books, but is more complex and ends up releasing the ring and Frodo anyways. He is often considered "really hot".
Movie Faramir's eyes seem to glow in the moonlight when standing near the forbidden pool, and his strawberry blonde hair gently plays with the breezes of the night. Then I interrupted the scene and presented him a baguette and some champaigne...
by Leah April 03, 2005
when two friends are both angry at each other, but neither one acknowledges it. therefore, they are fighting, but not really. popular among teenage girls.
haley:"i think meg and i are having a secret fight. she was totally flirting with my boyfriend at jake's party last night."

marie: "yeah, she said she was mad that you were dating him. you guys didn't talk about it? you must be having a secret fight..."
by leah August 24, 2007
A burnt box is something of a 'slang word' for a particularly hairy (and shall we say) smelly region upon the body. Typically 9yet not always) associated with females, the burnt box can be an object of desire and too an object of discrace. Always use in moderation!
MY GOD, that girl had the worste burn box i ever did see smell
by Leah January 27, 2005
Similar to the term "action," but in a more juvenile sense, it means a certain amount of "making out"
Leah: How was your weekend?
Sarah: It was crazy, I got so much macktion.
Leah: I can't remember the last time I got any macktion!
by Leah March 02, 2005

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