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5 definitions by LDY

Italian Retard Out Crusin'. As in Italian Americans love the discontinued IROC automobile.
Yo Mayfield Heights is full of IROC's. It's guido central. Gold chains and Aqua Velva everywhere.
by LDY December 11, 2007
58 32
Jew who thinks that he is actually Italian. Often seen wearing gold chains displayed in the open vee neck of his silk shirt. Pinky ring is a status symbol of his long standing in the Jew Joe world.
Yo, that James Caan is one bad ass Jew Joe. Even guidos think he is a guido.
by LDY December 11, 2007
19 5
n. person. Orthodox Jew who wears traditional black hat, black coat, black trousers, black tie, beard and curls. Often seen walking on the Sabbath to and from synagogue. Never deviates from the required ensemble.
Man look at that crazy black hatter. It's 90 degrees out here and that mutha fucka is dressed like it's January.
by LDY December 12, 2007
16 13
n. slang. (1) derogatory statement refering to someone of Italian descent. (2)person lacking job skills and regulated to very low end manual labor.
That dumb ass Pauly better finish school otherwise he'll end up stuck being a grapestomper for the rest of his life.
by LDY December 12, 2007
0 1
Road construction. Italians are pretty much stuck doing a few jobs in this world due to their limited skills. These are stone cutting, grape stomping, and making spaghetti sauce. So the government awards Italians road construction contracts as a way to bring them into the middle class.
Anthony: Hey Pauly, you working at the gravy factory? (hand gesturing)

Pauly: Naw, I'm doin' da road thing. (more hand gesturing)

Sean: You mean Italian welfare, right?

Pauly: F*** you!! You want me to smash you wit this canoli? (lots of two hands gesturing)
by LDY December 11, 2007
21 57