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1) A term used in the U.S. Marine Corps to describe a person that is excessively "motivated" about being in the USMC (military.) He does not think for himself and thinks that whatever the USMC says is ALWAYS right. Follows ALL the rules and consistantly talks about how much he loves the USMC. Sometimes they can be spotted wearing a USMC shirt around. (NOTE: Not all people who wear Marine Corps shirts are Motards, but most Motards wear them quite a bit.)
1) LCpl Benotz: "Dave is such a Motard. He goes to sleep at 2000 (8PM) just to ensure he has more than 8 hours of sleep before PT."

Cpl Schmuckatelli: "Yeah I know, he is so motivated he actually thinks it's wrong to drink underage just because the Marine Corps said so. What a fucking Motard!"
by LCpl Schmuckatelli October 20, 2006
1) Someone who is so "motivated" about being in the Marine Corps they act like an excessively happy faggot. They love following every rule the USMC makes up no matter how stupid or rediculous it might be. They say "OOORAH" as a "greeting of the day" and while accepting and order. They say "OOORAH" so much they make you hate the word.
1) PFC Schmuckatelli: " Dude I hate these motivator's in formation. Every fucking sentence GySgt says they reply with an "OORAH," they're wearing that shit out real quick."

LCP Benotz: "Yeah no shit! Ecspecially PFC Milton, he is such a fucking motivator."
by LCpl Schmuckatelli October 20, 2006

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